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We offer high quality, innovative kick scooters for adults and kids. Faster than walking, more fun than a bike, scooting is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping –  just step on and go. On our foldable scooter bikes, you can conquer the urban jungle. For adrenaline junkies, try our off-road or racing kick scooter.  Little kickers fear not, we have a range especially for you

  • Proven scooter selection procedure – where to ride, price level, testing.
  • Over 10 models to test immediately at OP scooters test center.
  • You will get the scooter assembled, collection only (preassembled for online orders).
  • We will adjust the stem, handlebars for you and your style.
  • Tips for proper scooting technique and maintenance.
  • We ride and race kick scooters too.


Designed to offer you the best of both worlds, hybrid scooters are extremely versatile


Dogs Love To Run. The freedom, the adventure, the experiences.


From high mountain peaks to neighbourhood streets and bike paths


This is where you go to get away from it all

Kick Scooters

Are no longer just for kids. Whether it is to commute around the city, exercise or just look the bees-knees; many adults are now opting for kick scooters as their new means of transport. With bike style tyres and fantastic manoeuvrability, these scooters are able to get you over roads, pavements and rougher terrain at speed with minimal effort.

Kick Scooting

Is also great alternative to running or cycling. Due to the scooting action having a low impact on your joints, scooting is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Try replacing shorter journeys with scooting, you will see an immediate positive impact on your health and you will also be able to save money at the same time!

Online Suport

Can’t find what you are looking for? Just give us a call or send through a message on our chat box. We’re here to help you. Why? Because I want you to love scooting like I do.


Build your dream scooter


From mudguards to bells 


Fully fitted 

So you want to buy a  new kick scooter but you don’t know what you want? “What is the right scooter for me?”

Check out our beginner buying guide .

Kick Scooter of the Month - Yedoo City

Yedoo City have Optimal height of footboard, adjustable handlebar and ergonomic grips give this model excellent riding characteristics and a good amount of comfort.It goes surprisingly fast, the City is easy to control and fits into every corner.

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