Adventure Scooters

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. adventure Scooters? So what’s the deal – they don’t go uphill? Before you write this one off, hear us out. adventure Scooting is a sport – a really fun sport in fact. Our adventure Scooters are specifically built with this sport in mind. They have front suspension and disk brakes, and they’re designed for scooting down particularly steep and rocky trails. So not for the faint hearted. Unlike our standard Kick Scooters – which are designed for their versatility and light weight – durability and stability are the most important design features of our adventures Scooters. This makes them slightly heavier, and slightly less versatile than the others, but they’re incredibly stable and, most importantly, very safe. You can use adventure Scooters for other activities too. Our fat tyre option even allows you to cruise along the beach or trails covered with snow. If you’re looking for a scooter you can use all year round, on rocky paths and uneven terrains, one of our adventure kick scooters might be right for you. If you need a hand figuring out the best scooter for you, just let us know. We’re happy to help. In the meantime, check out our full range of adventure Scooters. Oh, and yeah. You can definitely scoot them uphill.

Crussis Cross Mushing Scooter


Crussis a kick scooter model optimal especially for riding off road, for mushing (pulled by dogs) or downhill riding. This model is not suitable for flat roads (without a dog team) due to the higher positioned deck.. The frame is tough, the handling impeccably accurate, and the foot bike is designed to perfectly distribute the power of your kicks. This one is here to excite!

Gravity M10 Trail Kick Scooter


The Gravity  Trail M10

Go outdoors, discover new sensations and have fun in a safety way. Both the large board and the adjustable height of the handlebar allow finding the optimal position for each pilot. Turn your daily routes into a fun training.

Kickbike Cross Max 20HD+


This Kickbike works perfect on city streets, dirt trails or steaming down a mountain at full speed. Very easy to ride and extremely sturdy, the Cross Max was made for competitive dog mushing through extreme terrains

Kickbike FatMax


Kickbike FatMax


Introducing the BIGGEST, BADDEST, TOUGHEST adult kick scooter ever made! The Kickbike Fat Max is an absolute beast and a joy to ride. Oversized 4″ fat tyres deliver a super smooth ride over even the roughest of terrains. An oversized footplate lets you comfortably put both feet side by side. Dual disk brakes will stop you on a dime even when flying down a mountain. Thanks to the minimalist design and aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, this monster is still extremely lightweight and deceptively fast. All components are top of the line and built to last. There is nothing in the world like the Kickbike Fat Max.

Kostka Monster fat tyre kick scooter

Explore the unexplored with fat tyres. Doesn’t matter if you want to cruise on the beach or trails covered with snow. Kostka Monster give you the best traction and control at any surface. There’s no off-season for this Monster


Kostka Raptor Mushing Kick Scooter

Kostka Raptor is truly a predator on the road – and you and your dog will like it! This adult bike faces even the worst terrain so effortlessly that you will be astonished by it. It can also ride on snow.

If you are looking for a terrain kick scooter with fat tyres or for a great model for mushing, this one is perfect because it has an extended deck and a loop for fastening the dog leash and the spring.

SwiftyAIR adventure kick scooter


Escape the city with SwiftyAIR. Built for off-road trails, jumps and dirt riding, take your scooter on any terrain. Blasting down a trail on SwiftyAIR MK2 is awesome. Solid enough for trail riding with high spec 16-inch wheel sets, and light enough to carry or to fit into the car. SwiftyAIR can be pushed to the limit. Let the adventure begin.

Yedoo Mezeq Adventure Scooter Bike


Escape the city wiht brand new legendary Yedoo Mezeq. Perfect for kids, teens and adults who are stoked to ride the next big thing.

  • For riders taller than 150 cm with no age restriction
  • Selection of many colour variants.
  • 20“/16“ wheels with wider tyres and double wall rims
  • Simple basic servicing and maintenance
  • The model is prepared for installation of mudguards and two bottle holders

Yedoo Mula Adventure Scooter Bike


A sturdy, relentless machine, it skillfully maneuvers through traffic and the urban off-road; beyond the city walls it just flies untethered. The Mula is fast and compact, and its weight, reliable components and great maneuverability make it an awesome long-term friend.

Yedoo Steel S2016 Adventure Kick Scooter


Escape the city with the Yedoo Steel S2016. Perfect for kids, teens and adults who want adventure.  Yedoo scooters are built on a steel frame which absorbs vibrations, thus ensuring a very comfortable ride, without the scooter losing solidity. Superb quality handlebars mean that you won’t need gloves,  even for longer rides.  It’s got an inventive-shaped frame,  along with wider handlebars that will give you a feeling of unusual stability. This scooter is easy to handle, sturdy and predictable.



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