Gravity Scooters

It all began with our love for Downhill (DH). In 1993 we got obsessed with the idea of designing a scooter that could compete with the best DH bikes. When we get it, we created GRAVITY SCOOTERS,

With more than ten years of advantage, we are still the reference brand that has the only 100% DH scooter: designed for the DH and with all its components with DH specifications..

Gravity M10 Mushing Kick Scooter


The Gravity  M10 is a mountain scooter specially designed for sprint mushing competition or for sports use on dirt or asphalt terrains. Its light-weight and low-off-the -ground design optimises propulsion whether it is flat or uphill and it also fits well for downhill or for sport trips with dogs.

Gravity M10 Trail Kick Scooter


The Gravity  Trail M10

Go outdoors, discover new sensations and have fun in a safety way. Both the large board and the adjustable height of the handlebar allow finding the optimal position for each pilot. Turn your daily routes into a fun training.

Gravity Pulka R Mushing Scooter



The PULKA R sports scooter for mushing sprint is designed for competition: with it you will have everything to sprint at the highest level without losing your balance and giving up safety and comfort.

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