n 1994, I founded Kickbike Worldwide ltd. that has developed modern Kickbike – scooters and Kickspark – kicksleds. In fact, I worked as a promoter of the sport, an innovator and downright fanatical kick-athlete since the mid 1980´s. And those years have been interesting! Kickbike® – scooters and Kickspark® – kicksleds represent a Finnish design at its best. They combine a unique design and functionality. With our standard scooters and sleds we have won numerous world titles in both summer and winter championships. We operate in Finland, but the growing distribution network is quite extensive particularly in Europe. We strive to comply with both ethical and environmentally sustainable policies.

Foldable Kickbike Clix


Introducing the amazing Kickbike CLiX! All the performance and fun of a Kickbike, yet folds to the size of a suitcase in seconds! This Kickbike is a real game changer and we are really stoked to see all the places it can go! The ultimate space saving adult kick scooter.A must have for all students, commuters and urban explorers!


Kickbike 28/28 Frame


A single Kickbike Racemax 28″ frame.

The frame comes with a brake cable.

Kickbike City G4


Kickbike City G4


The famous Kickbike City is right at home on famous Paris Cafe patios, sightseeing in London,  zipping around campus or taking the kids to school.

Kickbike Cross Fix


Cross FIX is Kickbike’s model for you who want to take to gravel and paths for training yourself or your dog, but don’t need to ride tough rocky trails. It’s lighter to kick and also more affordable than full cross models.

Kickbike Cross Max 20HD+


This Kickbike works perfect on city streets, dirt trails or steaming down a mountain at full speed. Very easy to ride and extremely sturdy, the Cross Max was made for competitive dog mushing through extreme terrains

Kickbike CrossMax 29/26


This Kickbike won the Dryland Mushing World Championship last year at its debut and has the rest of the scooter world on notice. 29″ front wheel, super grippy tires, a lower ground clearance, carbon fiber fork, dual hydraulic disk brakes…this is the ultimate Kickbike

Kickbike CrossMax 29er frame only


A single frame from the Kickbike Cross Max 29’er.


Kickbike Cruise Max


Larger frame and wheels supports bigger (awesomer) riders with ease. Oversized tires are perfect for sandy trails and smooth as butter on pavement. Classic wraparound handlebars give you a very natural upright standing position. This Cruise Max is fast, confident and comfortable for Kickbikers of all ages and sizes.



Kickbike Dog adapter combo, made in Finland.
Perfect to take your dog safely with you. Easy to assemble by enclosedstainless steel installation kit.

This adapter is suitable for all different kind of brands/scooters.

Kickbike FatMax


Kickbike FatMax


Introducing the BIGGEST, BADDEST, TOUGHEST adult kick scooter ever made! The Kickbike Fat Max is an absolute beast and a joy to ride. Oversized 4″ fat tyres deliver a super smooth ride over even the roughest of terrains. An oversized footplate lets you comfortably put both feet side by side. Dual disk brakes will stop you on a dime even when flying down a mountain. Thanks to the minimalist design and aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, this monster is still extremely lightweight and deceptively fast. All components are top of the line and built to last. There is nothing in the world like the Kickbike Fat Max.



Original Tapered Carbon Fork for Kickbike 29-er (without Headset)



Kickbike Race Max is a lightweight high strength aluminium Racing Scooter. Ideal for marathon and triathlon cross training. Runners and road bikers alike love the Race Max.

Kickbike Sport G4


Kickbike Sport G4  have adjustable handlebar position lets you tune the muscles trained: low and forward to make front of the thighs and back work more, high to give rear thighs more training

Kickbike Sport Max


Kickbike Sport max is a lightweight high strength aluminium Tour Scooter. Ideal for marathon and triathlon cross training. Runners and road bikers alike love the Road Max.

Racing Kickbike RaceMax 28/28

The racing Kickbike Race MAX 28 has been proven to be the fastest mass production scooter in the world. Ideal for marathon and triathlon cross training. Runners and road bikers alike love the Race Max.

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