Kids Scooters

It’s a beautiful weekend morning. The sun is shining and you can’t wait to head outside to enjoy some fresh air. The kids? Well, they’re sitting in front of the TV playing their latest video game. They start grumbling at the slightest mention of the phrase “shall we go for a walk?”
But with our fantastic range of Kids Scooters, they’ll be jumping at the chance to enjoy the outdoors. A safe and fun way to explore, discover and enjoy playing outside over all terrain. They’ll soon be whizzing around the local area with enough speed to get a superhero cape sailing in the wind.
We stock Kids Scooters in a range of types and sizes, so there’s something suitable for both boys and girls at all stages of development. Whether they’re four-years-old and just starting out, or they’re a teenager with a bit more experience – we offer Balance Bikes, 12” wheels and 16” wheels, as well as hybrid versions for the in-between stages.
If you have any questions about which of our Kids Scooters are right for your child, pop us a question in the chat box below. We can talk you through the best options for you and make sure you’re ordering the best one for your needs.
Of course, scooting isn’t just for the kids. So make sure you check out our range of Adult Scooters so you can join in with the fun too!

Scoot and Ride – Highwaykick 1


Scoot and Ride’s Highwaykick 1 is the perfect companion for children aged from 1 to 5 years . Thanks to its stability, 2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel, it allows even the youngest children to move, sitting safely and comfortably. The Highwaykick 1 is the first 2in1 kick scooter  with seat that can be modified without the use of tools, worldwide. It has the lowest seat height of all kickboards available on the market. This seat height can be adjusted further without any tools and the safety pad at the front provides rollover protection, for additional safety.

Yedoo City Kick Scooter


Yedoo City have Optimal height of footboard, adjustable handlebar and ergonomic grips give this model excellent riding characteristics and a good amount of comfort.It goes surprisingly fast, the City is easy to control and fits into every corner. Also, when you climb steps, you’ll be glad it just tops 9 kg.

Yedoo Frida&Fred Kids Scooter


Adult or child? Girl or Boy? Racing or playing? Frida & Fred designed for kids or teenagers  from 7 yrs. In the morning at the school gate it steals the show; by day it blows the competition away and in the evening it’s the ballroom queen. Light and deft as a gymnast, it can carry 120 kilos and on top of all that, you can switch handlebars when you’ve grown, so it lasts a lifetime. No-one’s ever ridden such a scooter.


Yedoo Mau Kids Scooter


“Sloow!” The first ride on their own. No one can stop them now. Our lightest, smallest model is designed for kids from 4-10 yrs. When we design a scooter for preschoolers and school-age children, the most important specs are low weight, the right footboard height for an easy, fun ride, and of course safety.


Yedoo Tidit Kids Scooter


A scooter for those who already make plans in the coat room about how they’ll catch frogs at the weir or finally open that rusty garden gate on the way home from school. Tidit is designed for kids from 5-12 yrs and has a completely new reinforced frame and effective V-brakes on both wheels, so it can safely handle tougher riding style, difficult conditions and rougher treatment.


Yedoo Wzoom Kids Scooter 2021


PASS ME IF YOU CAN !! WZOOM !! A great buddy for any sort of adventure, secret ones or those where parents are also allowed. Yedoo Wzoom is designed for kids from 6-12 yrs.


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