Urban Kick Scooters

Are you sick of spending all your hard earned money on fuel, sitting in heavy traffic and wasting hours of your time on the road? Our Urban Kick Scooters give you the freedom to cruise past traffic jams, bypass congestion and leave pedestrians in a cloud of dust as you race past them. So why are you still driving to work – when you could be scooting? Check out our full range of Urban Kick Scooters and start your new commute today.

Kickbike City G4


Kickbike City G4


The famous Kickbike City is right at home on famous Paris Cafe patios, sightseeing in London,  zipping around campus or taking the kids to school.

Kostka Hill Fun G5 footbike


Scooter Bike Kostka Hill Fun is good choice, starting model for all aspiring kick scooter riders who have not experience yet and do not know what the kick scootering is.

Kostka Twenty G6 urban footbike


Fast rolling 20inch tires, stable handling make this Kostka scooter seriously high-performance daily commuting kick scooter. You can train, commute or just ride for fun. Schwalbe Marathon racer tires are fast on the road and stable on light terrain


Swifty Zero MK2 adult kick scooter


Swifty Zero MK2 adult kick scooter


It’s lightweight, sturdy and nimble, riding SwiftyZERO adult kick-scooter is a unique way to move. Low impact cardio that works your quads, glutes and core, and it gets you outside! The elegantly formed aluminium frame is lightweight and stiff, transferring energy into speed.Get out of the gym, leave the car at home and feel the wind in your hair!

Yedoo City Kick Scooter


Yedoo City have Optimal height of footboard, adjustable handlebar and ergonomic grips give this model excellent riding characteristics and a good amount of comfort.It goes surprisingly fast, the City is easy to control and fits into every corner. Also, when you climb steps, you’ll be glad it just tops 9 kg.

Yedoo Dragstr Urban Scooter bike


Meet the brand new Yedoo Dragstr! Fast, light and compact as a pocket knife. You won’t find these characteristics in any other scooter.

Yedoo Friday Urban Scooter bike


Today you need to ride by the market, three cafés, two exhibition openings, the cinema and all the clubs. It’s Yedoo FRIDAY night and the city lights are just for you.

Yedoo Mezeq Adventure Scooter Bike


Escape the city wiht brand new legendary Yedoo Mezeq. Perfect for kids, teens and adults who are stoked to ride the next big thing.

  • For riders taller than 150 cm with no age restriction
  • Selection of many colour variants.
  • 20“/16“ wheels with wider tyres and double wall rims
  • Simple basic servicing and maintenance
  • The model is prepared for installation of mudguards and two bottle holders

Yedoo Mula Adventure Scooter Bike


A sturdy, relentless machine, it skillfully maneuvers through traffic and the urban off-road; beyond the city walls it just flies untethered. The Mula is fast and compact, and its weight, reliable components and great maneuverability make it an awesome long-term friend.

Yedoo Rodstr Urban Scooter Bike


You can take Yedoo Rodstr to work or on holiday, and it will still weigh just under 7.5 kilograms. But don’t take it lightly! Even though it’s compact in size, the aluminium frame lets you ride fast.

Yedoo Steel S1616 Urban kick scooter


With the Yedoo Steel S1616 Urban Kick Scooter,  you can zip to the market, stop at a cafe, drop into an art gallery and go to the cinema without worrying about parking or traffic jams.  Get around your city or town with ease with this nifty kick scooter.

Yedoo Steel S2016 Adventure Kick Scooter


Escape the city with the Yedoo Steel S2016. Perfect for kids, teens and adults who want adventure.  Yedoo scooters are built on a steel frame which absorbs vibrations, thus ensuring a very comfortable ride, without the scooter losing solidity. Superb quality handlebars mean that you won’t need gloves,  even for longer rides.  It’s got an inventive-shaped frame,  along with wider handlebars that will give you a feeling of unusual stability. This scooter is easy to handle, sturdy and predictable.



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